The first real trekking with Soraya

Last saturday I decided to go for a long ride with my friends. We actually reached the ranch where I bought Soraya. That’s a 6 hour ride all together!

The Three Musketeers

I was a bit worried about the horse’s feet. I’ve just taken off her shoes, and we had to walk on a lot of asphalt and some gravel. But soon or later I have to try it out… If the barefoot method doesn’t work I’ll look into the special shoes that are possible to take on and off.

A perfect horse

Luckily she didn’t seem to suffer at all, and not sliding around on the asphalt was really great! We passed through long fields, rivers, small towns and highly trafficy roads. My dear horse was behaving perfectly in any sircumstances!

Getting lost in the middle of the corn

Just before we arrived at the ranch I managed to get lost… I was looking for a shortcut in the forest, but after a while I lost the direction. We were in the middle of corn and high grass, and in the end we got back on the former street. The shortcut became a longcut!

Finally arrived after 3 hours of walking, trotting and long runs in the fields. We ate our homemade lunch in the company of the people on the ranch, some dogs and thousands of flies. This place is full of the cutest ponies and all kind of horse breeds. But after the well earned rest for us all, the sky started to become darker… the weather forecast had promised us some bad weather and thunder in the afternoon!

The dramatic return

In the middle of the first town we passed through we found a water fountain. There were water taps for all the horses at once! Soraya stuck her head under the water and just enjoyed the refreshment..

The thunderstorm passing by

But the sky became worse and worse, and when we arrived to the center of the last town Balangero we could hear some thunder. We actually had to pass through all the fields before arriving safely in the woods with lightning over our heads. I am terrified about the idea of being hit by the  lightning, so we decided to run as fast as possible!

Before arriving into the forest we were all wet to the bones! The horses were tired and had no lust to run any more… I guess Soraya thought that she would never go somewhere with me ever again! A crazy woman screaming on her back about running fast to save her life in the middle of the thunderstorm! That’s just too much for a real lady horse.

But we all got back home safe and saved, only soaking wet! At least Soraya has been through it all, let’s start to call her an experienced horse:)

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