Last run for NBHA and Triple Moon Cash!

Today the National Barrel Horse Association arranged the last competition this season in San Carlo Canavese.


Luca and Triple Moon Cash were unlucky, and overturned a barrel. That means disqualification! But still they won the championship this year, in the category Novice Rider.


The biggest victory

Just being able to compete again is for sure the biggest victory for this team. After the incident during a trail ride this spring, Moon needed months to get back in the ring. They almost lost the season!

Happy after all

Also Nicole and Abigail from our riding school won their categories; junior and youth. Congratulation!

Out of the game

I’m totally out of the game myself. I’m so happy to be riding around in the bush without any pressure about winning or loosing… and not risking to hit my knees on the barrels! As long as my horse is fit and healthy, I am more than satisfied!

But if a Gymkana competition ever shows up, you’ll might find us in the middle of it!

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