About having too many projects


I am one of these people with a very creative mind… And creative minds lead to many ideas, which easily lead to many new projects! But having too many projects at the same time leads to nothing at all…

In this unusual period while not owning my own horse I´ve been exploring the non-horse world. I´ve gotten new friends, visited my old international woman club in town and stayed by the sea to explore Liguria. I´ve even been going to a fitness center for a while! It´s actually amazing how much time you get on your hands when you don´t look after a horse yourself.

Useless activites

But in the end all these activities don´t lead to anything. Now that I have my own horse I cannot wait until I go to clean her stable and give her some food and love. That is something that gives you peace in the heart.

I´ve finally found a solution that fits my idea about keeping horses in a natural way, and also keep her close to Luca´s and my friend’s horses. She has got a big paddock all by herself, with a big shelter where I´ve put a bale of hay. The big question is; for how long will the hay last? Many say it will last for a whole month, but I guess around 3 weeks. At least in this way she is always free to move around as she likes and eat whenever she wants. I don´t have to go there more than once a day, and she can still live in the riding school.

I have no need to go back to town or explore new things, only new tracks in the forest on the back of Soraya! I have finally realized that if you´ve got a passion in your life, it´s better to stuck to it and rather forget about all the other things you´ld like to do. It´s not possible to do it all.

The stable

Between all my ideas about writing a book, start painting again or clean the house in the garden, I have a serious project! I am going to transform the dog cage into a nice little stable, so Soraya might come to our garden and sleep over whenever she wants. In this way she will also help me with eating the grass in the garden. My friend, which work as a bricklayer, will give me a hand with constructing the fence. It will be used by both the dogs and the horse. Finally I have a real project that is soon coming to an end! Just need to get started 🙂


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