A new horse – a new start


It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. Really sorry about that, but sometimes you just need a break from it all…

I’ve been so busy with the house, the garden, the birthday party for my kid and the new puppy that writing on my blog has been impossible.

Lunala only some weeks old 

But not only because of that. I just couldn’t find any more inspiration in my life around horses. After Moon became sick it also became impossible to share her with my husband. What if something happened with her while I was riding her? Imagine if she just died while going trekking!

Even if she is much better and has started racing again, I just stopped using her. She belongs to Luca and that’s it. They actually    got a second place and are close to win their cathegory this season.

So I needed to make a choice. I don’t like horses being kept in a box all day long, and I wanted to find another solution. I needed to find a horse that can live outside, with solid hoofs. So I started to look for a Haflinger.

I remembered that a friend that buy and sell horses for a living might still have a pair. And I was lucky! One mare was still there, and I fell in love…

Now she’s mine, and today we had our first ride in the bush near my house. Moon and Soraya were great friends and I  could finally get some quality time with Luca… now that we don’t have to argue about Moon anymore! Soon I will tell you about her new home.

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