Bussana Vecchia – from Earthquake struck Town to Artistic Paradise


While I lived by the sea, I went back to one of my favourite places in the hills. The very small town Bussana Vecchia. In 1887 a violent earthquake struck the hinterland and only ruins were left. Some time after several artists started to make the town alive, and today you´ll find many interesting artistic expressions on top of this historic hill.

You will be amazed about all the creative expressions among the road. While going through the narrow and steep streets, it´s possible to take a look into different caves made of the artists living inside the ruins. You can buy many kind of local art, and one artistic woman is even speaking a bit of Norwegian!

The local tourist office

The local tourist office is more like a very laid back pub on top of the hill. We even found some small pigs, chickens and geese on our way! I remember last time I visited this place. Me and my husband actually happened to be part of  a hippie-like party and then get stuck in the thunderstorm.

The restaurant

This time I did a more quiet version and brought my son and mother to the restaurant just before the entrance of the town.

They had fresh meat grilled on the moment, and a lovely salade for me. Nice place with the view of the area. I will definitively go back during my next trip to the sea. This place make you full of energy!

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