Riding on a Haflinger to Dolce Acqua after a difficult time


This lovely Haflinger called Pippo took me out on the streets that ended up in Dolce Aqcua. Exactly the same mountain town that I visited some days ago by car!

“Allevamento Maglio” is one of the nearest riding schools in Bordighera. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a big place with an indoor and outdoor riding ground.


Normally they do show jumping and lessons for kids, but luckily one of the staff took me out riding. His name was Francesco and he likes to do trekking higher up in the alps. He had a nice Friesian mare that he had just bought.


But this day had been quite a challenge so far.. I had taken som pills for my stomach (it blocks itself every time I go to the seaside) and I had spent the last two days in the toilet! But if you feel like a balloon after 7 days of being blocked,  it’s better to take some action 🙂

A miracle

Only half an hour before I had to start driving from home, the sad situation seemed to be under control. But arriving in the riding school I was almost fainting because of the heat! It was nothing but a miracle that we arrived in Dolce Aqcua and that my body excepted the 1,5 hour long ride!


But after riding only on asfalt (except crossing a stony river) I’m not going back for another ride. At least it made me realize how beautiful it is to ride near my house up in Piedmont.

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