Taking a look at Turin

When I get tired of living in the mountains, I always escape to the city center of Turin. Taking in the view of the many shops, buildings and people is like medicine when you stay too much inside your own garden…

Being a freelance writer is sometimes a lonely job. That´s why I always go at least once a week to see Turin and my friends that live there. Normally I go by car, but I also go quite often by train. There is actually a practical train connection from our valley to the world!

The City of Chocolate

First of all I like Turin since it is the City of Chocolate! I love chocolate, and if I don´t get my dose of it every day, it affects my mood! “Gianduiotto” is one of the most famous chocolate brands from Turin, and you can order the famous drink “Bicerin” (Coffe, cream and chocolate) in almost any historic cafè.

Price difference

When it comes to the prices, I almost pay the double when I eat and drink in Turin compared to Lanzo. Living outside has a lot of benefits if you look at it. Let me only mention the fresh air, the low prices in the cafès, more parking lots and less people. I guess living in the nature, but still close to a big town, is a great solution.

Many arcades

I`ve tried to take some pics of the nicest places I like to visit. The main shopping streets Via Roma and Via Po have a lot of nice shops and different brands. You can actually walk underneath the totally 18 km of covered arcades in case of rain! They got ordered by the King of Savoia that probably loved shopping without risking to get wet!

There are also many beautiful open spaces in town. I´ll mention Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Vittorio as the most impressing ones. There are also many smaller open spaces with green areas to be discovered. All these photos have been taken on a rather cloudy day, but visiting this town on a sunny day might just be too hot during summer time. I recommend you to go out in the evening and enjoy a nice aperitivo in that case.

Italian course

Chocolate – cioccolato

Cafè – bar

Arcades – portici

Streets – strade

Shop – negozio


I would like a coffee – Vorrei un caffè

Please – per favore

Where is the toilet? – Dove è il bagno?

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  1. Loved loved my few days here. Exquisite pics! Toni


    1. Randi says:

      Thanks! It’s a lovely town:)

      Liked by 1 person

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