Wonderful small towns in the Ligurian alps

I’m not the most patient person when it comes to beach life. Therefore I’ve been often striving to visit some of the really amazing towns surrounding the Ligurian seaside.


Rochetta town


Since yesterday was rather cloudy, I decided to take my mother to see some of my favourite places up in the hill. On the way up the valley I stopped at the only riding school I know in this area and asked for a ride in the bush. They told me they might organize a trekking towards Dolce Aqcua, but the girl wasn´t sure about it. I rather search for another place… They mainly do show jumping, and the horse owners come from all over Europe.


Dolce Acqua

The first town to visit is called Dolce Acqua, and it has a destroyed castle on top of the cliff. The next town, called Rochetta, is smaller. Here you might take a refreshing swim in the natural lakes in the river nearby. From this small town you can also start your long walk into the alps.


After an hour walk on wide tracks you´ll find another lake in the river. It´s even bigger than the others further down, and there is an old bridge crossing it. Some tourists like to go down the river with a guide, and they all wear wet suits. They call it a sport, but for me it looks hillarious. I always did that in a bikini in the middle of the snakes and spiders in Australia, without a guide of course!!


Map of the tracks


Dolce Aqcua is a more touristic city with some fascinating small art shops in the middle of the tiny streets and tunnels. We found some nice necklaces and bags here. It´s not one of the most hippie like towns, I´ll soon take you to the best one…


As we walked through the tunnels and streets I found a photo of Lofoten in Norway. They´ve got a 3D cinema that shows the most amazing places in the world. That´s not what you expect in a place like this. Why look at other places while being in such a historic town?



Italian course

Alps – alpi

Tracks – sentieri

Walk – camminare

Small town – paese

City – città


Walk to the top – Cammina verso l’alto

I would like to take a bath – Vorrei fare un bagno

Do you swim? – Sai nuotare?


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