A short glimpse of Nice

In this video I’m trying to show you as much as possible from the beautiful summer town called Nice.

Again you’ll find me on one of those small touristic trains… but this time far from the protected park La Mandria

Since I had to pick up my mother near the airport of Nice, I decided to go early with my son and have a sightseeing. I allready know Cannes, Monaco and Mentone, so I was quite curious about this town.

The small trains are a much better option than the bike taxi to get around town in a fast way. The bike taxis are cool, but really expencive!

We also got time for a swim in the sea! My son always wants to swim, wherever we go. So I was of course carrying around a huge backback only for having a fast swim and an afternoon meal.

The Norwegian beach

The funny thing was that we could hear more people talking in Norwegian than French on the beach! Even my son was surprised about this fact. But the beach is really full of stones, not a pleasant place to take a nap.

Must admit that I prefer Cannes, both for the sandy beach and also for the lovely shopping street in the center.

After meeting my mother outside the train station, we decided to find the Russian cathedral. An amazing building and an unice piece of art outside Russia.


Cheap trains

We just reached the train back (I had bought tickets online and paid only 31 euro for the hole trip inclusing my mum). The only minus point is that you need to change train in Ventimiglia, near the Italian/French border.

A sad situation

It’s quite sad watching the situation of all the refugees on the border line. Some are sleeping, and also living, by the river. Some are trying to get into France by train. (One guy was hiding in our train compartment.) But it’s almost impossible to fool the armed police men checking all the waggons…

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in Bordighera.  It’s almost like a home to me, and knowing the language really helps.

But being a tourist for a day reminded me about how much you open your mind and become a better person.

Italian course

Train – treno

Luggage – baggaglio

Refugee – profugo

Bus – autobus

Tourist – turista


What´s the time? – Che ora è?

When is the train leaving? – A che ora parte il treno?

Where are you from? – Di dove sei?

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  1. Really nice post. Looks like a lovely place (especially from your great photos) 😁


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