Visiting “la Mandria” by train

While sitting on the balcony in Bordighera, I started to think back to a special place with a special story… of course linked to horse riding!

Earlier this spring me and my family decided to support FARO, an organization that helps sick people. They arranged a family day in the famous park La Mandria, and we booked a tour by train!

The park La Mandria was established in 1978 to safeguard the 3,600 hectares of land that Savoia had enclosed within a 35-km-long wall, along with the historic buildings in it. It’s actually one of the largest parks in Europe, and we live close to it!

The small train took us out to a historic villa laying next to a beautiful lake. You might only see the backside of the “castle” on a guided tour.

The guide told us that the villa was made for the king of Savoia and his mistress,  for having a privat place to stay together.

Queen Elizabeth

Also Queen Elizabeth discovered this amazing park, and went often to this villa on holidays. Since the park was meanth for hunting by horse, it was perfect for the Queen!

At the entrance you’ll go through the gate of a building that was divided in two parts. One part for the caretaker and staff of the property and one part for breeding horses for the Italian army!

Actually, you’ll find a new breed of deer inside the park. After importing deer from America, they mixed themselves with the local Italian deer, and their offspring remained in this amazing park.

Guided tours

It’s really interesting to follow guided tours, since the guides might tell you stories that you’ll never know in any other ways.

I still remember the guided tours I partecipated on in Australia. I still remember the incredible stories about Aboriginals and the 12 Apostles. I’m sure that this is the fastest way of learning new information about places you visit.

Italian course

Castle – castello

Park – parco

Bike – bicicletta

Family – famiglia

Lunch – pranzo


Where do we eat? – Dove mangiamo?

Do you like to bike? – Ti piace andare in bici?

This is a beautiful house – Questa è una bella casa

What a big garden! – Che grande giardino!

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  1. Great post. Looks absolutely lovely. Another place for my Italian bucket list 😉


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