Italian summer in Liguria

After a hard time at home it’s great to be able to escape to Liguria. We just lost our dear Australian Shepherd and it really broke me down!

The worst part of it was seeing how sad my son became because of loosing his best friend in the garden. Skipper had a kidney disease that was not possible to cure. He was just a sceleton when he decided to go to sleep forever.

Bad luck

It’s been such a negative year regarding our animals. First of all I’ve been really unlucky while trying to change my pony into a horse. The new horse was really weak and when she started limping I decided to give her back. I actually ended up with no horse at all!

When I finally bounded with our big phorse, she became sick! After more than a month she is now looking better. She might have been carrying a virus for a while. Then my beautiful white and grey cat just disappeared and never came back! Probably car accident…

Then our youngest dog started to loose weight, and we all know how that story ended. Now we try to be positive and look forward to get a new puppy home in July. Lunala is a mix of different shepherds, and should be quite tough!




She was just born in the riding school, and we’re looking forward to offer her a good home! Let´s just hope her 7 sisters and brothers will find one too…

New dreams

Instead of giving up, I’ve decided to start a new project. I want to find a lawn, build a shelter and a solid fence. In this way I will be able to keep a horse near my house, just like I used to do in Norway. And continue on my way in the world of natural horsemanship and barefoot horses.

Right now I’m gonna stay a couple of weeks in Bordighera, almost on the border of France. I’m looking forward to show my mum this beautiful area, since she is coming down by plane on Tuesday.

Italian course

Animals – animali

Dog – cane

Dream – sogno

Horse – cavallo

Shepherd – pastore


I have a dog – Io ho un cane

My dream is to learn Italian – Il mio sogno è imparare italiano

The shepherd watches the sheep – Il pastore guarda le pecore


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  1. So sorry about your dog 😢.


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