Natural horsemanship


People performing Natural horsemanship with their horses receive friendship and trust.

Some days ago I decided to visit a friend who keeps his horses in his own yard. Then I also got to know his horsemanship skills! It was amazing to see how well he communicated with his four legged friends.

But it was also great to see the horses enjoy their green space and freedom, by rolling in the grass and playing around. Thanks to the courses he has taken, this man is now able to go bareback riding with a halter, and even bring one on a leash.

I actually went on this visit to see how the place is set up. My dream is to make a similar place and then get a trail raid horse. Lately our dear Moon has been sick, but finally she looks better. My hope is to start doing some trekking soon… but I might need to find a more solid horse!

Italian course

Friendship – amicizia

Friend – amico / amica

Play – giocare

Yard – cortile

Lawn – prato


My best friend is called Marco – Il mio migliore amico si chiama Marco

What´s your name? – Come ti chiamo?

I like to play in the garden – Mi piace giocare in giardino




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