Busy days in the garden…and a new decision!

I know I’ve been lazy with updating the blog lately… But I’ve been really busy doing gardening and having folks over on barbecues.

Table of stone – our private Stonehenge!

Another table ready for dinner guests… this night I’ve made vegetarian lasagne.

Vegetarian food

Just wanted to tell about my new decision:  I’ve decided to quit eating meat.

I’m really suffering the fact that so many animals have to suffer before they become food on the table.

Lately I’m really sad about the fact that countries like China and South Korea are actually breeding dogs for meat. And even mistreating them. Then I realized that I suffer just as much thinking about “normal” farm animals like pigs and cows. And imagine the cute lambs for Easter!

It seems to be a nightmare out there, where smart and sensitive animals get killed every second of the day. I cannot be a part of this crazyness anymore. My soul just cries too much.

Looking forward to this late vegetarian dinner surrounded by people and animals that loves me!

Italian course

Barbeque – grigliata

Meat – carne

Vegetables – verdure

Meal – pasto

Gardening – giardinaggio


I like to work in the garden – Mi piace lavorare in giardino

I don´t like to eat meat – Non mi piace mangiare carne

I love vegetables – Io amo le verdure

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