A visit in the garden!

Yesterday we had one of those typical huge summer barbecues… Family and friends all together to eat a lot and also to play volleyball!


We are not only a horse addicted family, but also crazy about beach volley! Playing on our own lawn is almost as fun as on the beach…

Great Brazilian friends

Since our Brazilian friends came to stay over night, we decided to make most out of it. The men even managed to make a new roof for the Kiwis and our outside dining table at the same weekend! Romualdo is a great craftsman, and he can build almost anything!

New roof

It’s not finished yet, but we’ll get a very useful covered outdoor area after a while… cannot wait until I finish the outdoor sofa group!

Our Brazilan friend is also known for his barbecue skills. He always cook “la pikhania”, which is the noblest part of the cow. It get’s rolled in salt before it gets grilled.

The Fua Clan

In the afternoon we got a visit from the Fua Clan! That’s actually our brand new riding group consisting of 4 girls (and this day also a man). We all keep the horses in the Fua region, that’s the reason of the name!

Since all of us ride during the week days, it’s nice to meet and explore the woods together. All of us love to do trail riding, and hopefully we might do a longer ride soon.

“Le amazzoni” from Fua

This afternoon they had to go without me, since I was busy as a hostess at home! But I managed to ride a bit on Tempesta in the garden:)

Me and Tempesta

The others came back from a round in the center of Lanzo. It’s a nice ride that lets you even grab an ice cream on the way!

Italian course

Ride – cavalcare

Barbecue – grigliata

Volleball – palavolo

Lawn – prato

House – casa


The lawn has just been cut – Il prato è stato appena tagliato

It´s nice to ride in the bush – È bello cavalcare nel bosco

I have fun while plaing volleyball – Mi divertisco mentre gioco a pallavolo


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