Learn Italian with me!

I´ve been thinking about how I can make this blog more interesting for all of you. I don´t want you to waste your important time, so therefore I´ve decided to add a small Italian course as a part of each article.

I will go back in time and add the most important words and phrases from each article, so following each theme you´ll learn something new! You might need to know a bit of Italian if you ever want to visit this fantastic country.

Not everybody speaks English, and they really appreciate if you try to talk in their language.

Former teacher

As a former teacher I like to teach, and I think online teaching is a big part of the future. Using Skype as a teaching tool is a great way to get started, since you need to speak to be able to learn a new language.

If you like to learn more than only following my blog articles, it will therefore be possible to order some Skype lessons with me.

After reading my blog, you all ready kind of know me, and in this way you might find the courage to speak with me in Italian as well 🙂 Please go to my contact page if you´re interested in live lessons, and we´ll figure out a plan together.

Cheers in Italian is “Chin chin” or “Salute”!

As you know, I´m not a native Italian speaker. After living here for 9 years I still do mistakes. But if you don´t fail, you´ll never learn something new 🙂

Learn Italian

Italian course – corso italiano

To learn – imparare

To speak – parlare

To read – leggere

An article – un articolo

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