A Cat Café and my Thoughts about Cats in Town!

On my way through Turin, I found a café for cats! They’ve got 9 cats living inside (it was written on the door!) and there are pillows to sleep on in the window frames.


So if you love cats, but live in a flat, you might go to pet one at the café. Imagine keeping a beautiful cat in your lap while drinking some great Italian coffee! I think those cats must be really happy for all the customers giving them so much attention…

My cats live a totally different life… I used to have 3, all male and also brothers. But the cutest one has disappeared, and that might happen if they live freely in the nature.

But I guess my cats are happy. I take them into the kitchen every morning to give them their favorite food. That’s also a way to keep them tame and avoid that they’re too much on the run. The rest of the time they’re out hunting or sleeping next to the dogs. Actually they like to cuddle with the dogs! But their favorite place is my son’s bed.

A cat’s life might be vere different, depending on where they live. I have never kept a cat kept inside an apartment, but in that way they don’t disappear at least!

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