Exploring my own town

If you live in a town for a long time, you’ll be suprised to see that there are always more to discover!

Especially if you get visits of people that see your town for the first time. That just happened to me… A Norwegian lady came to visit me and we ended up talking to an elderly woman in a “Panetteria”. It’s almost like a bakery, but they even make homemade pasta.

The woman showed us proudly her antique pasta machines in the room behind. I’ve never seen anything similar before!

After this visit we went to see the symbol of Lanzo, a tower from the medieval period.

The oldest part of town is actually filled with beautiful details from the ancient times. The small town is mentioned in the early 11th century with the name Curtis Lanceii.

You could find one of the most famous castles of Piedmont in this town. “The Castle of Lanzo” got destroyed by French troops in 1551.

You’ll also see the famous Devil’s bridge (il ponte del Diavolo) after a short walk out of the center. Therefore someone has placed the Devil himself on the balcony!

The Devil!

For sure I live in a historically and special town. The longer I stay, the more I like it and the more I discover. The hardest part of it is to get to know the population.

“I Lanzesi” are known for being a bit reserved thanks to the fact that they’re actually people from the Alps. But if you go into one of the many small shops, you’ll  always be met by people cheering and smiling.

“I torcetti” are a typical biscuit invented in Lanzo. They also sell a lot of homemade “grissini” that means breadsticks.

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