Following new tracks in the neighborhood

Even if you’ve been living in the same place for many years, you might still discover new tracks!


Lately we’ve been more into  biking than horse riding. The main reason is that our son has finally learned to bike, and it’s a great activity for the whole family.

The horses have always kept us separated from our son in the weekends. Now we are changing this habit by going biking. Today we decided to have a piknik for lunch, and then take the train back.

There is a train going from Turin to Lanzo, which also brings bikes in the weekend. You can put your bike into a special waggon in the back of the train.

Valli di Lanzo is a rather popular place for biking, and this train is also giving many people from Turin the possibility to get closer to the mountains. But there is also a wonderful bike road that follows the river towards town.

A biker’s paradise

We actually live in a biker’s paradise! Often you don’t enjoy what you’ve got just outside your doorstep… but we’ve finally realized it, and today we decided to explore a bit more of these bike tracks.

We were so courageous that we crossed the river! On the other side a new world of tracks in the forest opened up! Also a great place for horse riding. (I can’t help it, but I still dream about being on horseback when I see nice areas to go horse riding!) The only problem is that there are no railway on this side of the river…

So we kept going into the wild and loosing the possibility to jump on the train… And wilder it became! My husband biked faster than us on his tall mountain bike. But the track had become really narrow with sticky plants on each side… With short pants and  small bikes it wasn’t a great experience! (I’m using a foldable city bike that fits perfectly in the car…)

The hero

But my son was a hero. With tears in his eyes and itchy legs he got out of the thick forest. I shouted at my husband since he just kept going, and the lovely tour had become quite a disaster… did I mention the ants that stopped us from sitting down  and eat our lunch?

There are moments I miss just going horse riding and only think about me and my horse…

But in the end we got back to the car after more or less 20 km! Now we’re quite ready for the next round! But maybe I rather pick the mountain bike then?

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