A new hair style!


Our hair style is something very personal and important for everyone. After months of research online and waiting for the right moment, I did it!

I just couldn’t wait to have long hair until it grows out by itself. I’ve tried for years, but I always end up cutting it before it gets long.

As a horse rider I love the feeling of long blonde hair waiving under the cowboy hat… Luckily I have two close friends that knew how to solve my problem.

What you need to do

The first thing is to order the correct length, colour and style on Internet. Then you need someone clever to put it in! My friends are both going to a special  African hair saloon in Turin; Salon Keur Samba. They are just great!

The place itself is not in the best area of Turin, but when you enter it’s really nice.

It only took about 1 hour and then you’re ready for town:)

A new summer style

Cannot wait to meet this summer with a new and younger look! The fun fact is that people immediately started to treat me in a new and sweeter way. Maybe the long hair makes me look friendlier?

Now I’m only curious abot how long it will last. After some months you need to redo the operation. The positive thing is that my own hair will keep growing and I won’t be able to cut it until it’s long again!


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