A strange visit at “una piola” in Turin!

Sometimes things just don’t exactly go as you planned… Friday night I was going to Turin to pick up my husband that has been travelling for work. I had put on some new summer clothes and I was ready for a cool night out on town! Only us…


Fish and chips

No parking

We decided to go to a Vegetarian restaurant not far from the center, but we couldn´t find any parking. Neither near the Greek restaurant… So we sent towards “Il Quadrilatero”, my favourite area. You are not allowed to drive trough, and the underground parking was full. No possibilities for parking the car at all!!

Why did we go there?

Then I did the big mistake to try to be smart… I said; let´s go to a piola! My husband got so impressed of my new vocabulary that he immediately made me change direction and guided me to a Piola. I had to forget about my cool night out in town and seeing other people around. This place was so sad! Really old fashion style and really weird staff…

I just had to laugh when we sat down in a saloon that was almost empty. “Why did you take me here?” I asked. “You wanted a piola, and now you´ve got it!” he said… So we ate some fish and it wasn´t that bad. Actually these kind of traditional restaurants are really popular in Turin, and it´s the only city that has given them the strange name “Piola”. In the rest of Piedmont they usually call them “Osteria” or even only “bar”. Here is a site about which to visit in Turin.

But in the end it was a nice evening. Not as outgoing as I wexpected, more like eating at home! At least we got some time to talk together in a quiet place after the travel…




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