Adapting to a new country

It’s always hard to adapt to a new country. Maybe I’ve mentioned it before, but the horses have always been my best support.

Our first horses in Italy

I became a horse addict as soon as I became a teenager. The horses helped me through the difficult years when you try to find yourself.

I used to ride small horses, like Islandic horses and Nordlandshest, or untamed trotter horses or strong Fjords. Everything was fine, since there were no riding schools on my island and 4 legs was all you needed!

The Australian lifestyle

Then I became 20 and went to study in Australia. That’s where it all began. I had to get used to so many new surroundings and situations. Everything like the climate, food an animals were different. Let’s not forget about the snakes!!

Thanks to the horses I got some real Aussie friends. Thanks to the horses I experienced the real outback and bush lands of Northern Queensland. Even if the surroundings are completely unusual,  the horses are always the same!

Back to Norway

Then I had to adapt back to Norway. That was much harder then you can imagine. The dark winter and rainy weather is much worse than some Brownsnakes or spiders hiding in your bedroom. A very white Arabian horse became my best friend.

Another country

In Italy I met Efisio, a very special red Anglo arab, that helped me through the tough period when I tried to learn Italian… I also had to learn how to eat 3 plates or more at the restaurant during the same meal.. my stomach has become quite stretchy during the last years!

After learning all those strange Italian things I got the Haflinger Wolke. We just loved going out on small adventures. We explored every unknown trail together after I moved to Lanzo.

After Wolke there have been many other horses, but finally we’ve found peace in our horse life… Sharing Moon between me and Luca is a good way to keep her fit during the whole week.

I have also found peace and settled down in this special country with the form of a western boot! That might be a sign?


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