A new and healthy life

It started out with a gift from some friends. A big package waited for us in the back of their car… When I realized it was a juice machine I was stunned!

The first time I drank a juice from a similar machine was at their home. Since then I’ve been thinking about buying one myself. I guess my friends thought I’m just too slow to do the move, so they bought me one instead!

Apple & carrot juice

I’ve been trying to make apple juice and also apple & carrot juice so far. It’s really tasty and easy to drink. You might think the drink becomes a bit thick, but the liquid is really thin when it comes out of the machine.

If you let it stand for a while in the glass, you’ll be better off mixing it again with a spoon. If not the foam makes a thick layer on top.

Healthy start

This morning I’ve already had at least 2-3 apples and 2-3 carrots, which is not a bad start of the day! I hope also my skin will look fresher with this new life filled with natural vitamins.

Actually, I recently met a woman that told me that her son is growing biological fruit and vegetables near our town. I will for sure go to check it out. That is for sure the best choice if you want a healthier life!

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