Changing cars!


It’s so true! You can actually become really close to a car… I’ve spent months to decide if I should buy a new and bigger car or not!

In the end I did the move. I decided to sell my little sweet four wheel drive Panda on Internet. After just one day it was sold!

I’ve had 4 fantastic years with him, he has taken me to the sea, to the top of the mountains and around in the snowy France. It’s an instoppable car! If you look for a small country car, you’ve got it!

I could even put all my 4 dogs in the luggage space. They used to sit lined up like in the military, and if one did move, the others put it in place!

This morning me and my son had our last trip to school with Mr. Panda! We both said sadly goodbye, but now I’m quite excited though. I’m on the train towards town to look for a new and bigger one. Still Fiat and still stylish! As you might know, Turin is well known for being the city of Fiat. It has been one of the most important industries in the area.

Let’s hope the new car will bring me around on many great adventures as well! For sure it will be easier to travel a bit further. The Panda was great in the mountains…

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