Biking among horses in the famous royal park “La mandria”

What a wonderful way to spend a warm and sunny Sunday after a whole week in the cold North…

This is a quite unusual sight in Italy. Horses running free with their foals and friends! Normally you see them inside the stables or in small paddocks, one by one.

It was such a nice ride (even if it was on a rented bike without air in the fore wheel)… We started the day with a picnic together with the some schoolmates of our son. I really enjoyed the warm weather after 8 days in Norway.

Sometimes I wonder how people survive living so big part of their life indoors like Norwegians do.

After the picnic and games in the park we decided to go for a ride. You might hire a bike in this park at a quite good price. La Mandria is a protected park with a lot of natural wild animals. You can meet rabbits, foxes and wild pigs during the long long ride.

We went to see the horses instead, and discovered that there are two different riding schools in the park. You can rent a horse, but only in English style.

These are the royal stables from the Savoya era. This park contains numerous historical and royal buildings that dates back to the royalty and their hunting days.

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