Some horse breeds I met up north!

We’re again on the airport of Oslo, heading from north to south. While waiting for the plane, I’d like to tell you a bit about some typical nordic horses. The first one is “Nordlandshesten”.

“Nordlandshest” (horse from the North lands) is an ancient Norwegian horse breed, and it’s also called Lyngshest. (After the small place Lyngenfjorden in Troms.) It is the oldest of the 4 offical breeds, where the others are Fjording, Dølahest and Kaldblodstraver (trotter horse).

It’s also the smallest of them all, very similar to the Islandic horse. Even if these breeds are small as ponies, they still call them horses. That’s based on their strength and their capability of carrying adults on their strong backs.

The first horse show was held in 1989 in Troms, but the serious breeding started as late as 1930. They are known for beeing friendly and courageous, with a winner instinct.

That’s why they are being used a lot by kids in different competitions, like jumping or trotting.

Their colors come in many variations, from red, brown, black, yellow or one basic colour with another on top. You’ll even find colors as silver brown or silver black!

I have great experiences with these small horses. They are great for trail riding, and they are very intelligent and sweet. They learn fast and love being with kids. Their small bodies are leight weighted, which make them great for jumping.


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