The Easter is over…


After spending Easter time in Norway, I think it´s on time I tell a little about our habits. Normally you might think about sporty Norwegians going cross country skiing over the mountains.

But this year the Easter is quite late, and the snow has never been remaining more than a few days anyway. There is just a little bit on the highest mountain of Averøy (called Mekknoken).

In that case the Norwegians go by feet in the mountains. That´s almost the only activity you can find, since all the shops are closed every day, except Saturday. Never forget to bring a “Kvikklunsj” and an orange in your backpack. That chocolate is one of the most typical Norwegian symbols, and inside you´ll find tips about where to go next!

Tour tips

Sometimes you will meet other people in the mountain, but we met a lot of people out by the lighthouse.

This has become the main meeting point in the island. Every weekend they sell typical Norwegian waffles, and there is even a painting exhibition out there. It´s my old teacher from primary school that is the big artist! He only paints realistic landscapes, since that is the only thing that´s easy to sell to others!

Other habits for the Norwegian people is going to church the first day of Easter. Afterwards they drink coffee together in the house of the Church. Drinking coffee and eating cakes is a basic need in any social setting.

Then many people eat lamb in cabbage. I personally want to stop the habit of eating small lambs during easter, that´s so cruel! Let them grow up and eat them later on at least…


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