A new (old) way to clean the box

I’m so lucky to have neighbors with horses in Averøy. Every time I go back home I end up in the stable!

A Norwegian stable

This time I had a new learning experience. My friend has begun to leave a “mattress” in each box.

She learned this old technique from some horse men where she grew up.They actually use it all over Denmark!

It’s all based on the idea of leaving a soft mattress for the horse to sleep on, while you at the same time save a lot of time and money. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Now I will try to explain you the process so you’ll get a hold on it yourself!

You start out with a 10 cm thick layer of stable flooring. Then you just take out the latest urine that causes the smell. But never remove too much! Afterwards you mix the horse manure into the stable flooring to make a flat mattress. Remember that horse manure is actually pure grass or hay, and when it dries up, it´s just like clean horse flooring.

If you like the sight and smell of fresh white stable flooring, you might throw a small amount of it on top. But the point is to reduce the use of it, and also reduce the time you spend on cleaning the stable. The horse will be really grateful, and so will your back!

I will for sure try it out when I return to our horse…






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