My Italian eating habits

It’s always a bit difficult to adjust to another country, even if it used to be your hometown!

There are two things that I found quite had to adjust to: the timing of the meals and the quiet solitude of the area.

A very quiet island

I’m now visiting my folks on a big island not too far from the sea. I think it´s probably one of the most secluded places on earth, since you can´t see or hear anyone once you´re within the confines of the house.

On the left you might see some deer

The most charming thing is having nature and wildlife so close within reach, it´s not uncommon to see deer grazing outside the windows or an eagle flying above our roof.

Back to the issue about food

Every evening as I go to bed, my stomach often rumbles!

It’s not that I eat less, it´s just that we eat dinner so early! I’m used to having my main meal around 8 o’clock in the evening, but here we eat around 4-5 o’clock in the afternoon!

Also, Norwegians usually eat an evening meal after that, but that just doesn’t help! So what actually happens? I usually get up a bit later than normal, since it’s so quiet. After having a late and fairly heavy breakfast you start to forget about having lunch.

My Italian habits

I usually eat the first important meal at lunch time. In Italy it´s around 12.30.

This keeps me up and going until dinner, but normally I also drink an afternoon tea with some biscuits.

In Norway I often skip this first important meal to make space for the early dinner. Then after dinner I don’t feel hungry enough to have an evening meal, and I end up hungry before sleeping! Remember that I even skipped the afternoon tea… That’s how the story goes:)

I guess this may be a bit confusing, but if you’re a typical Italian you’ll probably never end up with such a messy situation. You’ll be sticking to yur own habits and go to bed with a full stomach!

Tonight, I even tried to eat shrimps (so tasty) late in the evening, but that effort did not manage to convince my stomach to be quiet…

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