Riding back to the restaurant “Della Valle”

Since I’m travelling to Norway for Easter, I wanted to enjoy the warm weather we`ve got here in Piedmont.

So I invited “the Cowboy” Andrea to ride with me to the restaurant Della Valle. It lies just above the riding center, less than an hour ride.

Changing horses

I decided to use Nike today instead of Moon. But she was a bit tense and even bucked as soon as we got into the forest! She didn´t really cool down during the ride, and I think she just had too much energy! So we arrived quite fast, galloping through the green grass with the sun breaking out of the sky. A perfect day for a ride!

Also Andrea had changed horse this time. He was riding the daughter of his beautiful Appaloosa horse. She was an unknown mix and very stocky built.

Only a halter

Andrea rides all his horses only with a rope halter, which I think demands a lot of courage and natural horsemanship. Especially if you think about how fast the cars are driving! They even speed up if they see a horse, so the rider has to keep total control of their horse. Sometimes we talk about centimeters of distance between you and the car in the small mountain roads!

I remember once I met a blind man in a busy street. My horse had to pass him really closely, since he was on the wrong side and the cars didn’t bother to slow down. In those moments you feel the heart in your throat!

After having tied the horses to some trees, we went to eat the huge lunch. I got full after the first plate, and after the second plate I wasn’t sure I had space for dessert.  But I’m one of those that always find some extra space for sweeties… especially if the ice cream is homemade!

In the end I ate my ice cream outside while Nike was tasting the green grass.

I guess Nike felt a bit alone since she didn’t know the horse of Andrea, and after lunch she just wanted to go home to her friends. Horses are really depending on each other, and they know each other based on the smell.

Preparing my suit case

In the evening I needed to prepare my suit case for the Easter holiday in Norway. So this was the last ride for a while… if I’m not lucky enough to find a horse to rent in the north!

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