Art exhibition with the International Women Club of Turin (and a car story)

This morning I went to an art exhibition in Turin with IWCT (International Women Club of Turin).

The exhibition was about the Emotion of Colours within Arts. It can be find in Gam, which is the main museum of modern art in Turin. It hosted even artwork from the Norwegian artist Edward Munch!

New shoes

The woman club IWCT was started by some American women in 1960. The idea was to help English speaking newcomers to settle down easily in the unknown city. Most of the women are following their husbands and their careers and end up in Turin without a network. The only claim for being a member (except from being a woman) is that you must be able to communicate in English!

Since the members of the club are always elegant and very “city-like”, I had to dress up a bit myself. Luckily it was a market in Lanzo this morning, and I actually bought a pair of new shoes before I had breakfast at the bar!

So I took off my old shoes and slipped into the new ones. That’s the moment when you realize how old your shoes really are!


At least I was ready for the day in town. I had to bring the car with me into the city center, since I had another appointment afterwards, on the other side of town.

Managing the car in town

I should soon understand how boring it is to bring a car to town. Normally I leave it by the metro a bit further away. Firstly I couldn’t find a parking place, so I drove down into the underground parking garage.

That was a huge mistake! I couldn’t get out, since the exit door was broken. So I had to look for another exit.

When I came back I couldn’t find the payment area. I ended up running up and down the stairs and through the corridors for half an hour! Finally I found the parking slot, but it was out of order.

Then I called the help center desperately, and they asked me to go further down the corridors. After some kilometers of fast walking and some more stairs, I managed to pay and actually get out of that terrible claustrophobic place. They were smart, since they made me pay half an hour extra in this way!

When I finally reached my second destination and parked easily next to a beautiful church, it felt like I had gone from hell to heaven!

The church is called Santa Giulia

But the nightmare wasn’t over yet. On my way back home I ended up in a very long and crowded street. At that point I had no idea about where I was going next, and I needed to listen to my GPS.

My enemy: the Global Positioning System

I have a very negative relationship with my GPS. It seems like he tries too make a fool out of me every time I switch him on. Normally I always do the opposite of what he tells me, and that’s usually the best solution.

But today I decided to follow his advice, and of course I ended up in a parking lot where cars weren’t allowed to drive around. After getting out of this messy place, I found the (longest) way back home.

Am I the only one that argue that often with my GPS??

It felt great to get back to Lanzo and just relax near the play ground after all that struggle. At least Lanzo is still a small town with free parking!

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