The first Barrel race this season with NBHA

It was the first barrel race this season for our group from R.N horses, and they competed in almost all the different categories.

The car was quite full this morning… I went to the riding school/ranch in Chivasso with Luca, our son, two other girls and a bike. It was all set up to be a fun day for the whole family! Moon was staying on the trailer of R.N horses.

Leonard went biking between the stables and Luca tested the riding ground. I was making films and photos. I even got time for a small ride when Moon had finished the competition. I am really glad Leonard is starting to bike again. He still needs to take off the extra wheels, and I hope he will get to that point this summer.

There are many beautiful horses to look at during these kind of events. Some of these Quarter horses have been imported directly from the States. I think Italy is one of the countries with most Quarter and Paint horses after USA.

If you are looking for some new horse equipment or a halter to show off your horse, take a look here: Amazon

This horse is directly imported from USA, and has got a very special dark Palomino colour.

I met Denis Brachet that runs an agricultural store in Lanzo called Agrihorse. But he is also breeding his own horses, and today he brought a young horse to the competition. His home bred stallion is called Minerva Royal Bingo.

Denis told me that he has been active in barrel racing from a very young age, and he is never getting tired of it. He has a big passion for breeding fast horses, and loves the feeling of adrenalin that follows the race.

Denis and his stallion

After a long day under the sun there was the awards ceremony. Since Luca was the only participant in his class, he got a nice red ribbon! Also Nicole was the only participant in the Junior class and got a ribbon. There were not so many people today, so the program was quite fast. Normally a day like this lasts forever, and you have to wait for hours just to get started.

You might wonder why I wasn´t attending in the competition? Well, mostly because I´m not patient enough to wait all day long only for spending just a minute in the riding ground! Second because I´m actually scared about hitting my knees on the barrels, since my last horse always went too close! And I can assure you that it hurts. So now I have two red knees that probably will stay like that, and I prefer to not make them look worse!

Second reason is that I prefer Gymkana. It last a bit longer and it´s more playful. It´s more based on games with your horse, and at least you have time to breath… Even if I always hold my breath until I finish the games.

The third reason is that I love trekking, and my dream is to compete in a trail riding competition. It looks so calm and precise, and you need to have a great bound to your horse.

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