Why putting on a shirt makes me happy

You might ask yourself:  How can a shirt make me so happy? Well, this morning I decided to dress up for both; City and Horse riding. Just to save some time between the appointment in Turin and the appointment with my friend.

The only thing you need to swap, is the shoes into some really practical boots. When I put on this square patterned shirt so early in the morning, all the memories came back to me and I just felt so much joy!
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Every time I go on an important trekking I wear a shirt like that. It actually protects you against the sun, and protecting the neck make you avoid a sun stroke. It reminds me about my long and adventurous ride in Australia and also the shorter rides in Rivoli under the hot sun.

So I was there in the car, looking at the sunny sky and feeling so free. Today I was finally going for a ride with a friend that has moved her horses back to the mountains.

And I had been smart putting on the riding outfit in the morning. I arrived a bit later than we had decided, and Moon was full of mud! So after a big job of cleaning the horse and saddling up, we were ready.

Me and Moon

We managed to do a 2 hours ride in the area where I live, and Moon was so relaxed! I’ve never had a better time with her, so it must mean that she is accepting me by now.

First barrel race of the spring

This upcoming Sunday Moon and Luca will be attending their first barrel race of the season. So Moon is actually eating extra energetic food. But it actually seemed to work in the opposite way!

Half way on the round we stopped to say hello to a friend of Lisa. Luckily she came out with water, since the warm weather made me really thirsty. I’m still not used to the spring time!

Lisa and me only half way

After the ride I had to go back to the veterinarian with my dog Skipper. He had got the analysis from the blood test, and they where not very nice. So I took him home with the bag full of medicines and worries. It´s just to good to be true that a day can start out so happy and then finish in the same way…

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