My dogs!

I am not only in love with horses. I also love my dogs 🙂 It´s on time I tell you something about them as well. We have 4 dogs running around in the garden all day long.

Two of them are Australian Shepherds, one is a Jack Russel Terrier and the oldest is a West Highland White Terrier. It´s not easy to get them all into the same photo. And on top of it all there is my son with one of our cats… We needed to make at least 10 photos to get one right. What a mess!

The cat in the photo is called “Pisi”. He thinks he is a dog, and almost never leaves the garden. If the neighbour cat gets too close, he just run back to the protective wall of his dogs…

I remember when they were kittens. I needed to protect them against our terriers, if not they might have killed them. Terriers are terrible. They even killed my chickens. The shepherds only wanted to protect them instead!

I really believe that terriers and shepherds come from different ancestors. They have totally different brains and behaviours. But all of them love horses and going for a walk, just like me! Here you might find some useful stuff!

The Terriers

Frida vakker 2
Frida straight from the hairdresser at a young age.


Let me start with Frida. We got her 8 years ago, while we lived in town. Even if she´s a terrier, she is normally behaving perfectly.

She loves going to town, but also to roll around in horse manure…

That´s why I never bring her for a ride! But strolling down the streets with Frida as company is just perfect! She often used to play with my son while he was a baby, since she is one year older than him. She still loves playgrounds for kids!

The best thing about this breed is that they don´t loose any hair. But you need to wash them and trim their fur quite often.

Frida and Jackie enjoying the sofa


Jackie, the Jack Russel, loves to ride with me. When I bring her to the riding ground she follows my horse like a shadow. Or she sits in the saddle… Sometimes I bring her in the forest, and she often barks loudly when she gets hold on a deer. A real hunting dog!

Beside from that she is the most troublesome dog I´ve ever met.

She does everything she shouldn´t do in the house (like peeing on the carpets, destroying the bed linen, fighting with the other dogs, moving all the water out of the bowl and onto the floor or into her food and so on). The list is endless!

Outdoors she is not much better… She fights all day long with Dakota (until Dakota gets tired and almost kills her), bites after the legs from behind if a stranger tries to visit us, attacks (and bites) the poor postman while I´m signing for the package ( I never open the gate anymore) and the list is long. Don´t make me mention what she´s up to if I bring her to a public place!

The only place where she is almost behaving well, is in the riding school. But I normally bring her along only if I am all by myself…

If you love Jack Russels, then you might like this page.

Skipper and Dakota in a relaxing moment…


I am not sure, but I think she is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. She is just too slim and fast to be a pure Aussie. She is the smartest dog I´ve ever been around, and she has a great talent within Agility. I gave her to my husband as a birthday gift, but in the end she has chosen me as her main owner.

She is my favourite companion for horse riding and bush walking. She doesn´t need a lash, and she always listens to me, even from horseback. She is very responsive to the smallest signs, and there is no need to train her… it just comes natural!

She is also the best guard dog of them all. The only problem is that she is a bit too much of a police man in the garden.

Skipper, the cuddly one


So sweet and so happy, just as a real Aussie should be. He loves playing with Dakota, and he is a real gentleman. He is even the cat´s favourite dog! Today I had to bring him to the veterinarian. Lately he has lost a lot of weight and he is puking as well. We did a blood sample, and I´m waiting for the results. Let´s just hope it´s only werms, and not a serious sickness.

Skipper is the youngest of them all, and he has the best temper as well. He loves being cuddled in the bar by any stranger, and he is great with kids. I really hope he will get better soon.

The worst thing about having four dogs is the mess. It seems like I always clean the house, but it never last more than some hours. I try to keep the big dogs outside as much as possible, but I believe that every dog needs to stay with humans to be really happy!

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