Visiting La reggia di Venaria Reale

La reggia di Venaria Reale is the hunting castle of the Savoia royalty. It has been renewed and is today a very popular tourist point. It´s so popular that they have even made a new big parking for all the visitors.

Yesterday was one of those rainy Sundays where you either stay in the house or find something special to do. We were going to do some shopping at the Juventus stadium. They have actually built a new shopping centre in the same building as the stadium, as well as a museum for Juventus soccer club.

The Royal Garden

Enough about that. On they way down I got the briliant ideà to visit the castle of Venaria. I think it´s time our son gets some new cultural experiences, not only iPads and Pokemon cards… To my surprise my husband agreed (the only thing he normally wants to do in the weekend is horse riding…) Dragging him into a museum isn´t the smartest thing to do! But in the end we bought the tickets (16 euro for adults) and then we decided to see the royal garden first.

My son just loved to run inside the labyrinths made up of hedges.

He also liked to see the area where they are digging out the old ruins. In April it´s still too early to see all the beautiful flowers, but later in the spring you´ll get a breathtaking view!

New water canals

We could still see the swans swimming in the newly build water canals, and also the plants in the royal kitchen garden. Later on I will take you with me and visit the royal stables. But I prefer to wait until the sun is shining, like it is this Monday morning.

Then we went inside the Castle. There you´ll find a 1 km long museum that tells the story about how Turin and also Piedmont were established. It´s the best way for a new visitor to understand the history of how Piedmont created Italy, from the Savoia Era until today.


The thing that interest me the most is the hunting theme of the castle. You´ll see paintings from the hunting days, where big dogs hunt down the poor prays, and even the aristocratic ladies are riding after the animals in the wood of “La Mandria”.

I am really impressed by these paintings, and also by these women. They were real “amazzoni” (female riders that kept both feet on the same side of the saddle).

How they managed to go hunting while riding around in a lady`s saddle, that´s my big question! The elegant woman in the picture above is Diana, the Goddess of Hunting.

Ride into the old times

It´s actually possible to ride in the same forest today. But you need to order a guide that brings you around. It´s the property of the state and there are special rules to follow. You might see wild pigs, rabbits and deer during the ride, and if you like I might organize it for you!

You will not be able to go running wild, but it´s a very special place to visit if you like slow and cultural rides. It´s one of the favourite rides of Ignazio and Efisio.

Turin during the old days






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