Dinner time!


In my riding center we are so lucky that we often eat together. I call it “foodsharing”, that´s when everybody bring something and make a great dinner out of it.

This is some from the riding group: Pier, Roberto, Roberto, Monica, Monica, Barbara, Randi (me), Mauro, Sara, Nicole, Silvia and Abigail.

Last night was a success

We often make barbeques outside the stables, but this time we went to the house of Monica and Mauro. Everybody brought a bit of “antipasto” (small dishes) and then we had a pasta as a “primo” (main plate).

It´s nothing wrong with barbeques, that´s really fast and easy food for big groups like us… We often count 17 ++ all together. But sometimes it´s nice to try something else. Bringing “antipasti” is a great way to make a common meal, since you just need to do a bit of cooking at home and then you taste all the other dishes as well!

“Pane per Pier”

We only have one rule; “Pane per Pier”. That means “bread for Pier”, which is the owner of the riding center. If he doesn´t find bread on the table he might become a bit nervous. Typical traditional Italian people need bread on the table. And they eat in a really messy way if you ask me! In Norway we never, and I mean never, use the hands to break the bread into pieces. That is just so messy, with breadcrumbs going in every direction!

But in any Italian restaurant you´ll get a basket of bread and bread sticks (grissini) that you can “play around” with. Actually, broken bread tastes better, since you can eat only the soft part of it.

Our group that counts almost as many kids as adults meet almost every Saturday night. Sometimes we combine our meals with a ride in the forest in the afternoon. Or we arrange some small competitions in the riding ground to have fun with the horses.

The club house is quite small, and when we all get together we make a lot of sound… But my son has always managed to sleep on the small coach when he gets tired in the evening. I have no ideà how he can do that every time!

Crazy for Beach Volley!

Now the spring is coming up, and we will soon take out the Volleball net… Last year we bought a net at Decathlon and we just love it! The group is planning to do a beach volley tournament this summer, but I´m not sure if my talent is good enough…


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