The Antique Shop in Turin

Every Thursday I go to an Antique shop in Turin. Not to buy or restore furniture, but to teach Norwegian to the owner. It´s quite seldom that an Italian person wants to learn Norwegian, but Angelo is actually soon moving to Oslo…

A book holder shaped as horses

In his shop there are many funny objects. I found these really old horses that keeps the books in place. Angelo is going to marry a Norwegian woman and then they have decided to settle in Oslo. The prospects of work is better up north (especially for the wife), and there is a young French man taking over his business when he´s leaving.

These are the beautiful puzzles that Hugo, the French man, is making!

A big step

It is a big step moving to Norway for a typical Italian person. The weather is much colder and the culture is quite different. Especially when it comes to food culture. Norwegian people are seldom eating out, while Italian people eat out all the time! Norwegian people eat dinner around 5 o`clock, while Italian people eat dinner after 19.30. I will for sure write more about this aspect of life in another post…

Norwegian is a difficult language, but my student is trying hard to learn it fast. When I come to his shop I often take a look around. Last time I found a wip, not for horses, but for camels! And I saw a mini biliard game hanging on the wall.

In Italy it´s actually quite popular to learn the craftmanship of restoring antiques. I think it´s a nice way to avoid the habits of buying and throwing away. Angelo told me that in Valli di Lanzo there is a great culture for antiques. It´s actually true, in our house you might find more antiques than Ikea furnitures!


This is a piece of a Baroque closet that fit perfectly in our bedroom. Just look at the amazing details made out of wood. I think we have lost some style during the last centuries..

I believe that antique furnitures add soul and a special touch to the home. Even if they are harder to keep dust free, it’s worth it. I love to mix old and new furnitures, and when we restaured our house we had a lot of pieces from the old times to reuse. What a luck!

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