Meeting a food blogger

On the bus to the airport this morning I could hear somebody talking Norwegian. Then the unknown lady mentions the name of my friend that lives in Turin.

I was a bit curious about this woman on the bus. When I met her again in the bar of the airport, I decided to present myself! Since I’m a very social person, I cannot let an opportunity to have an interesting conversation pass me by…

The funny thing is that this lovely woman called Gina Granum actually is a blogger, just like me! (I call myself a blogger,  even if mine is only a month old!) She told me that she had been visiting our common friend to talk about their interest for food and blogging. Then I realized that in the end I’ ve been right… I’m actually convinced that the bloggers are taking over the world 🙂

Gina could tell me that she is writing a blog about food that’s easy to make. Recipes for eveybody, no glam, just simple and welltasting food. That’s exactly what I need! She has been running many different restaurants during the years, and the last one was a bar called “Lykkelige dager” (Happy days).

It’s named after the famous Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset. The book was written to cheer up the young people at those times, and it’s about the old days in Lillehammer. The bar is lying exactly on the “ Sigrid Undset plass”, but it’s now being run by others. Gina herself had to quit with the restaurant activity because of her back pain. Then her daughter in law told her to start her own blog about cooking. And that’s where the new adventure started…

Gina’s blog is quite popular among Norwegian food lovers. She has around 1500 steady followers, but some of her posts have until 6000 readers. She says it’s quite hard to know which themes are the most popular among her readers, but once they just loved her recipe of a “Raspberry drink”.

This summer drink was inspired by a couple that grow raspberries on their Norwegian farm. They called it “Bring on gin” since the wife is American. – It’s funny to see how some bringebær water just added some alcohol can attract so many readers, she says with a smile.

While checking in our luggage, we even met some other Norwegians that knew Gina. They had been on a business trip to Italy. In that way I had a chance to tell them that I’m the “cowgirl” of Piedmont.. They were actually quite interested in my horse riding tours 🙂

After spending some time together on the airport I realized that Gina is a globetrotter. She has been living in many countries, and luckily she can easily read my blog which is written in English! It’s nice to talk in my own mother tounge language sometimes, and soon I will meet more than 400 Norwegians near Oslo. I’m going to an event as a translator for an event planner that comes from Milan. It will be a brand new experience, but it’ s always nice to meet new people.

On my way through the airport I saw a wonderful painting in a store. Then I realized it was a scarf, of course from the famous brand Hermés.


Now I’m sitting on the plane going towards the unknown… I have no ideá what will happen this night, but as the social human being I am, I’m sure I’ll find someone else to talk to… If not I can always write on my blog! At least I hope there will be some smoked salmon or other typical Norwegian food to enjoy…



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