In the honor of a Red horse

I guess you are curious about my horse experiences? Unfortunately I´ve had many, and this means I wish I`ve had less horses (and problems) during the years… But my dream is still to find the “perfect horse”, and live happily ever after….

This is me riding Red without reins. He did that only for me 🙂

Finding the perfect horse is not easy, and maybe it´s impossible in the end?

I thought I had been lucky. I found Red Badger, the red Quarter Horse that seemed to be the One. But (there is always a But when it comes to horses!!!) he started to limp. First problems with his knees in the back legs, and then bigger problems with his front legs. If you need anything for your horse, you might take a look at these products.

I was so keen on getting a real Quarter horse that I changed him with my very tough and strong Haflinger. (This is what a lot of people do in Italy. You go to a horse trader and give them your old horse. Then they sell it to someone else, and you avoid having two horses to take care of.) That was obviously a big mistake, since my main activity is riding in the steep hills…

I was really unsecure about this decision, but going into more and more horse competitions made me do it. Red was the nicest horse you could ever imagine. He let everybody ride on him, and he stayed still even without tying him up. Just like real Western horses from the movies!

The most beautyful horse in the world…

Red was born in the wild in the hills of the wellknown Matese Ranch near Rome. They breed only the finest Quarter horses, and they get caught by humans at the age of 18 months. Then they normally get trained for the Futurity in Reining. Red was perfectly built, the perfect image of a Quarter horse. A bit stocky and not too tall, just like I like it!


We had two amazing years together. He took me to many different competitions, and we did many long rides. He was really secure, also in the traffic, and he was always friendly to everybody. Even my son could ride him all by himself. We often galloped together, me and Leonard together in the saddle! I could even ride him bareback in the woods, and he always waited patiently while I started to cut the branches near the track.

Leonard riding Red

Another great memory is the 2 x 20. That´s where you are a team of 2 people chasing the calfs into a special fence. Me and my husband was trying it together, and we were so close to win! If it wasn´t for the last calf that managed to escape in the last minute…

Red chasing the cattle

Red could do it all…

He was great with cattle, gymkanas, barrel racing, trekking, you name it! I would havegrown old with that angel if it wasn´t for his legs. Some Quarter horses have hereditary problems when it comes to their feet. They have a really heavy, muscular body and very tiny feet. I think that Red had been trained a lot for Reining competitions before I got him, and that might have really destroyed his legs as well.

Riding him up and down the hills was obviously devastating for him. He was not build for that kind of activity, but I didn´t know his genetic issues. It would have been much smarter to keep riding my Haflinger…

Me and Red on the left side

At the end we tried to sell him to the riding school and only use him sometimes in the riding ground. But his problems didn`t pass, and today he is living in another region. My friend decided to send him to a ranch where they tried to cure him, but unfortunately he will limp forever. Maybe they manage to sell him to somebody that only needs him for keeping the grass short. I really hope he will not be suffering in the future.

Trying to find a new horse

After Red I´ve tried to find a new perfect horse, but I think they only appear once in your life.

I took over the Paint horse of my husband, but she was not a safe ride at all. After almost being killed in the bush many times, I got nervous about riding new horses. She kind of destroyed my trust in horses. Then I decided to buy a cross between a Haflinger and a Quarter. But she was so small and also quite nervous, so I decided to change again.

“Nike” ended up in our riding school as well, since she is perfect for the pony games. Since I´m not able to find a new horse, I just rent her when I need her. Luckily this little mare gave me back the confidence in myself, and now I´m even riding the big mare of my husband!

The end of the story is that we share his horse at the moment, until I really find a horse that can stay with me forever. I guess I will look for a Haflinger, the strongest horse I´ve ever known.

Where is Wolke?

Maybe you´re wondering where my Haflinger Wolke ended up? Well, that´s a funny story. The horse trader didn´t know who had bought her in the end, so I gave up searching for her. I missed her a lot, and I was so sad not knowing where she was.

Me and Wolke in the area of Mathi

Then one day a woman called me. She was the owner of a riding school, and she was searching the earlier owner of Wolke for her client. They still needed to registrate her in the correct name.

I was so happy!! Now I finally got peace in my soul knowing that she has a new owner that loves her, and that she lives in the hills of Lago di Como. It´s a beautiful place in the north of Italy. The owner actually told me that he will never sell her again!

It´s really painful missing two special horses, and if I could go back in time I would never have changed horse. But we all learn as we live, and sometimes the only thing to do is to look forward.

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