Having lunch at Pila ski in Aosta

Some days are just different from others! I had no ideà that I would meet a Scottish lady for lunch in the Aosta mountains on a normal weekday. But that what´s happens if your friend brings you around!

My friend asked me if I wanted to join her for a “short trip” to Aosta a couple of days ago. She just needed to drop off some documents in an office and then we could have lunch together. I was happy to get away from Lanzo for a while and said yes. This week it´s been raining a lot.

Then I remembered that there is a woman I would like to meet in that area. A Scottish ski instructor that is a real horse lover as well… It´s been 3 years since Carole called me about a horse for sale. Since then I`ve been curious about her life in Pila and the ski resort where she works with tourists.

But to meet her we needed to take two ski lifts before arriving to the restaurant. Then we needed to wait almost an hour before she was free to meet us. Harder to meet a Scottish skiing instructor than the American president!

The view from those ski lifts where fantastic, and I really wanted to go skiing Telemark. But we didn´t have much time, so I´m planning to visit Pila ski next season for sure!

Carole was a really nice lady, and I discovered that she shares my passion for natural horsemanship and trekking. She told me that her riding school arranges long rides in the area of Aosta, which is something I might give a try later on!

Lunch in the Alps

After the short, but funny meeting, we jumped on the lift and went back to the car. Both of us have children at the school to pick up in time.

Would they actually believe that their mothers had been eating lunch in the top of the Alps on a totally normal Tuesday?

We might not be the most typical mothers of Lanzo, but for sure we have fun together. I cannot wait until we’re going to a new office in another town!

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