The myth of Piedmont

Andrea Cipriano is a real Cowboy. Nobody can beat him if we talk about hours in the saddle, at least not here in Piedmont!

Last Friday I decided to meet Andrea. It´s been a while since I saw him, and the best way to get an appointment fast is on horseback!

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It was such a lovely warm and sunny day, just like summertime. I “stole” Luca`s horse Moon again, filled my saddlebag with water and took off in the morning!

If you want to ride with Andrea you need at least a whole day…

By the river

I met him near the small town called Balangero. From there we crossed the roundabout, then the railway and at least we reached the lovely bike road that follows the river towards Turin. We decided to have lunch in a nice restaurant in the end of our trip, just near a big ice cream shop.

Andrea and his Appaloosa

After tying up the horses to the fence, we had a wonderful lunch with a plate of risotto and a plate of meat. Thanks to the relaxing red wine we found a quiet moment to talk about this myth of a Cowboy.

He keeps 3 horses at home, and he rides all of them, one each day. He has two Appaloosa horses (mother and daughter) and a Quarter horse. They are all barefoot horses.

He rides around only with a halter, thanks to practising the natural Pat Parelli method. And this man goes everywhere, even crossing bridges with big trucks passing close by.

Andrea discovered the world of trekking 20 years ago, at the age of 40. He passed by a riding school where they gave him a beautiful white horse. They told him to go for a ride in the bush, all by himself. That was his first time on a horse, and he just loved the experience.

One year later he brought home 2 horses, and his horse in the pictures is the daughter of one of them. He is part of a group a called “Il gruppo delle Aquile” (The Eagles), and they go for longer rides all together. Now that he is retired, he spends all his time with his horses.

Andrea has actually just been riding for 5 days in the area of Asti, Piedmont. He and a friend kept the horses in a stable at Cascina Amaranto, where he also met the Parelli instructor Serena Grandin.

He prefers to ride near La Mandria (The park of the castle of Venaria) to a place called Druento. Today we arrived in Ceretta, a town on the other side of the river. He loves riding in the bush and the mountains. He even told me that sometimes he goes to Rivoli, which is a town 10 hours away on horseback. Just for a coffee, and then back home again!

Andrea is a tough guy, and he is not scared of galloping over the fields. Riding with me and Moon he had no choice… Moon just lives for running, and thanks to my silly idèa to put the saddle bag in the front of the saddle, I wasn´t able to control her. She is a barrel racer, not a bush walker!

We arrived rather tired to the restaurant, but after a strong coffee and a drink at the bar we were ready for turning back home.

Andrea at the bar

This man is a myth. Even when Moon went crazy and jumped up and down to make me let her run, he kept calm.

He and his horses transfers the calm to others, and he´s unstoppable.

If you ever see a man dressed up as a real cowboy ridind around like a horse wisperer, then you know who it is!

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