Visiting an old friend


Last Thursday I went to visit the only horse that lives in the center of Rivoli. Efisio was the first horse I got to know after moving to Italy, and even at the age of 16 he is still going strong!


I think he remembered me, since he immidiately went to hide himself under the tree! He knows that I made him work almost every day, but now he is only going for a ride only now and then…

The reason I went to Rivoli this day was something else. Me and my friend Sophie just wanted to get out of Turin and have lunch somewhere else. So we found a nice bar in Rivoli, just see the photos!

It´s a funny story how I met Efisio and his owner, Ignazio…

One day I went on a field trip with my Italian class in the woods of the Caste of Rivoli. After I told a girl from Argentina that I missed to ride horses, she told me about her neighbour that had two horses in his garden.


Ignazio and Efisio – together forever!

So we went to find them after the bushwalking, and I rang the doorbell. A rather surprised man came out of the house, and my poor husband had to translate what I wanted to say. My Italian was quite poor at that time!

But he agreed to show us his horses, and from that day I went to ride Efisio (and also a bit DJ, the other horse) almost every day! We did classic dressage and even jumping in his garden, and we went for several rides in the forest near the castle.

I have missed that Anglo-Arabo so much after moving to Lanzo, but I know he is taken good care of. Ignazio  loves to do long rides with his friends, and he brings Efisio everywhere with his own trailer. They often ride in “La mandria”, the big park behind the Castle of Venaria. Soon they will ride from Italy to France, and they even plan going to Camargue in France later on this summer.

A horse like Efisio is rare, and it´s impossible not to fall in love with him. He was the one who took me to the top of Sacra San Michele, a beautiful church in the mountain over Avigliana. That was my first real trekking in Italy, and we walked for two days in really amazing places.

He was also the first who made me jump as high as 110 cm, and we had a perfect chemistry. He was my personal psychologist during the hard time when I tried to settle in this new country. When I tried to learn a language that seemed impossible to learn! When I missed my old friends and family.  Even the time when I was pregnant! I went to clean his stable just to be near horses without riding them!

If you are lucky and meet such a great horse during your life, you should never let go of him!

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