Riding to the restaurant

Today I decided to go for a ride up the hills to the nearest restaurant Della Valle. The spring time is here, and I really wanted an ice cream. And Moon really wanted to run over the green fields!


After a rather breathtaking ride I ordered an ice cream and a cappuccino as soon I had tied up the horse to the stairs. Just like other people leave their dogs outside… In Italy you actually bring your dog inside to almost any public place. But of course there is a limit when it comes to the size of the animals!

Della Valle is the restaurant of Sara and Maurizio that lays in Coassolo outside Turin. They make the best homemade ice cream in the area, and they just got into the Michelin guide. Sometimes we ride up here to eat lunch. You can actually get a huge lunch including a primo (first plate), a secondo (second plate), dessert, wine, water and coffee for only 13 euro during the weekdays.

I made a movie of the chef Maurizio to show what he can offer. If you are interested, he might give you a cooking course!

Did you get inspired? This is the first Italian cook I´ve ever known personally, and it is really nice to have such a great restaurant only a ride away!

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