Starting the season with NBHA

It’s spring time and that also means a lot of barrel racing ahead of us. Nicole Reineri (10) and Lady started out last Sunday with a competition arranged by NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association of Italy).

Nicole has been doing pony games competitions almost since she was born. She has been growing up in the stable where we keep our horse. Her mother has been active in both show jumping and barrel racing, and her father and older brother have also been Barrel Race Champions.



Now it´s time for Nicole to bring this heritage from her family forward and into the future… She is very promising and quite often winning her classes. The other big association for pony games and barrel racing in Piedmont is called WSGA pony (Western Speed Game Association pony).

Last Sunday Nicole and her family went to Voghera with 3 or 4 horses. She did the time 18.104 (the seconds really count in this sport!!) and the result was 4. calssificated in the Junior Cathegory.

In Voghera you find Cowboy’s Guest Ranch that also includes Cowboyland. That’s a great adventure park to visit if you bring your kids along. I have been there at least two times, and Leonard really loves it.

The most impressing thing is watching the horses in the riding ground before they enter into the competition ring. There is a train for kids making a lot of noice and going up in the air, just above the head of those allready tense horses! But they get used to it, and most of them don´t seem to bother at all. That´s why I love Quarter horses…

I´m now looking forward to “Barrel on the Beach” April 28-30.

We´re gonna take a long weekend by the sea of Liguria, and for the first time I will be able to see this popular variation of barrel racing. I guess it´s even possible to go for a swim at that time!


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