Market day in Lanzo


Every Tuesday there is market day in Lanzo. Even if Lanzo is a tiny village in the foot of the Alps, they hold one of the largest markets in the area.

In this weekly market you´ll find every kind of clothing and shoes, vegetables straight from the farms, cheese, meat and fish and a lot of products for your home.

Normally I escape town these mornings, since I know that it´s impossible to go through the market without spending money! You´ll get tempted to buy at least one pair of trousers or a new dress…

The most practical things you´ll never buy, like vegetables and other kinds of food. That´s for the “typical Italian shopper” that goes home with lots of bags filled with fruits and vegetables only.

Maybe I´ll do the same next Tuesday though… I´m into this vegetarian cooking style at the moment, and the fresh vegetables from the farmer is far better than buying it from the Supermarket.

I actually tried out some recipes from a Norwegian lady living in Piedmont: Caroline

She is a former chef with her own food blog. I tried this recipe called “Parmigiana di zucchine” wich is really tasty! Today I need to finish off the pumpkin in the fridge, and I will try to make something like this: “Risotto di zuccha“.






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