We did it again!

Today we managed to finish the whole round! It was my second trekking with Moon all by myself in the forest.

It’s always a challenge to get to know a new horse. Moon isn’t an easy ride, you cannot control such a powerful horse by strenght only. So I use the weight in the saddle and voice more than my hands.

But we are allready getting better as a team. I’ve realized that the more I pull the reins, the more she raises her head and gets exited. So I try to let her go and then call her back very easily on the reins.

I call her a war horse… she is fearless and strong as a bull. She is actually my husband’s horse! But since we have decided to keep only one horse for a while, we try to share her between us.

I could write a lot about sharing a horse. In this case Moon seems to like it. She gets more attention and also muscles. So let’s hope she doesn’t scare me off with her willingness to run fast, gosh isn’t she fast!!

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