The elegant horse world of Hermès

On my way through Turin I´ve noticed a special shop several times. Just on the angle of Piazza San Carlo you find Hermès, a high class horse and fashion store. Since it really looks expencive, I normally walk past…  But this day I decided to go inside with the excuse of the horse blog!

I was met by a very elegant and nice girl, dressed up as an air hostess! I started out asking her why there are so many horses in the display windows. She informed me that this brand came out of a French saddlery run by Mr. Hermès.

The brand, that was established in 1837, just continued to grow and became what it is today; A luxury chain specialized in leather, clothes, furniture, perfumery and lots of other lifestyle accessories.

They even dress you and your horse up for the finest horse riding competitions!

In the middle of all this luxury you could find a saddle and other horse equipment. This was the last thing I expected to find in there. But as we all know, horse riding is one of the most expencive sports and I guess they have a great market.

The other shop assistant told me that Hermès arranges their own show jumping competition every year. They are also really famous for their colourful scarves.

The scarves have been worn by many celebrities through the year, like Queen Elizabeth, Grace Kelly and Sharon Stone.

So if you like to go to a horse show and are not sure about how to make a nice impression, then you should get one of these! The colourful patterns will really brighten your day.

In the end of the conversation the friendly shop assistants gave me a bag full of brochures, and I managed to leave the shop without buying anything. I guess my husband is rather pleased with that!!





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