A typical Italian lunch….

I wanted to tell about a typical lunch in an Italian restaurant. This means that you need the whole day off! 4,5 hours is quite normal, and after that you will roll back home!


Today we celebrated that my husbands uncle turned 70. I just want to mention how such a big day get celebrated in Piedmont.

There are always some antipasti before the primo (first plate) and secondo (second plate).

This time we ate 3 antipasti and two “primi”. Il primo is normally based on pasta, but can also be gnocchi.

Il secondo is normally fish or meat and vegetables (contorno). In this case we also got a plate of different cheese before the dessert. When they finally serve the coffee then you know it is at the end!

As you might see, the desent Italian lunch always follow a certain pattern. But there is a world of variations inside it.

You know you have been to a typical lunch when you’re not able to eat dinner afterwards…

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