In the alps

Yesterday I went to Pian della Mussa again, but this time with some friends from Turin. There is still a lot of snow and we even tried the bob!

We had a fantastic lunch outside “rifugio Cirié” that lies in the end of the valley. This is really my favourite place for hiking, and yes, you can even walk over to France from here!

If it wasn’t for the angry man and his big dog, the day would have been perfect… But my poor Skipper had to defend us three times against this rather playful dog that just popped up everywhere! At least that was what he thought we expected from him!

It started with a quite unpleasant meeting where the owner demanded that my dog should run free (in a place where the dogs should be on a lash!!). In this way his dog could run free and play! I said no thanks, and the elderly man got angry. So he passed us and then let his dog run off.

After a while this dog (the double size of mine) came back to us and jumped on Skipper. But Skipper chased him away easily… that’s the type of moment when you realize that your puppy has become a real Australian shepherd😀

They’re bred for chasing bulls… so our brave Skipper managed to chase him away three times, luckily for us.. on the way back I almost bumped into the car of the angry man on a red light!

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