Aperitivo in a low cost land


Italy is known for the strange habit called aperitivo. It was meant to be a small snack and a drink before dinner, but it has developed to become “apericena”. It is a mix of aperitivo and dinner.

This is a very cheap way to have dinner out. Normally you pay around 8-10 euros for a drink (Turin) and you eat as much as you want. But if you go outside the bigger towns, you might pay even less. I was quite chocked one night after a small aperitivo in my local town. I paid only 2,50 euros for it all!

aperitivo 2,50

In the main image I am having aperitivo at a place in Turin called “Floris”. There you pay 15 euro, but the style is very elegant and absolutely worth it.

I still keep the habit of thinking Norwegian prices, so for me it is almost a joke. But of course the earning is lower her and it is all connected. So if you are a tourist, don`t miss out on the famous aperitivo. It is really worth the money!

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