International Women’s Day

Today is a special day. Not only the International Women’s Day, but also the official launch of my blog! I am doing it today in honour of all the female bloggers out there. With a lot of inspiration from both travel bloggers and fashion bloggers, I have made my way into the blogger`s universe.


But my blog is different. It is a unice mix of glimpses into the Italian daily life and the equestrian environment. I guess it is the only horse blog written in English (by a Norwegian) directly from Piedmont, I am really excited!

In the main image you`ll see the Mimosa, a yellow flower that we give to all the women today in Italy. This morning I also made Norwegian “vafler”, it´s a wonderful way to start a special day.

I have actually brought with me the Waffel machine from Norway, since I make a lot of them for hungry Italian friends 🙂 It is a sure winner in the riding school!

vafler 2

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